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Top Reasons To Buy Luxury Houses in Dubai

There are many reasons that motivate investors to invest in sumptuous houses. Most importantly, the city infrastructure has developed wonderfully. In addition, the change in the UAE government policies opens the door for investors to invest and live a premium standard of life. This also paves the path for people looking for a safe roof in a vibrant economy.

Without a second thought, Dubai is the best place if you are looking to live a luxurious life. There are certain aspects that make Dubai a superlative experience. Besides, being the number leading tourist destination Dubai has much more to offer. In the upcoming era, Dubai will be the foremost choice for investors searching for a place where they can enjoy the better lifestyle and read the Top Reasons To Buy Luxury Houses For Sale in Dubai.

Spend the life of your dreams

If you are curious to spend the life of your dreams at a phenomenal location. Then the Dubai property must be top of your list. You will not just have access to the lavish lifestyle but all you can discover in it with a reasonable budget. Here are the top reasons to buy luxury houses for sale in Dubai.

For years Dubai real estate remains the greatest sector of the UAE. Consequently, in recent years the demand for luxury houses has increased. If you are interested to know, go through the Top reasons to buy luxury houses for sale in Dubai which we are going to discuss in this article. But before that let’s learn about What makes Dubai the best place to buy luxury homes worldwide?

Affordable Luxury Quotient

So if you are looking to enjoy life to the fullest with the superlative living standard, Buy home in Dubai is a wonderful decision. Therefore you will not just have access to a quality lifestyle but all you can find on a limited budget. In addition, according to many surveys, Luxury houses for sale in Dubai are cheaper than in other locations all over the world.

Buying luxury property at an affordable price sounds far fetched. But do you know Dubai is well known for its best and most affordable price for luxury properties? In comparison with other major cities around the world, Dubai offers incomparable value for luxury real estate. Besides the fact that Dubai is comparatively a newcomer in the global luxury properties market. But still, Dubai real estate outperformed many real estates around the world.

What you can find at $1M in different locations?

  • London – 334 sq. Ft
  • Singapore: 388 sq. ft.
  • Monaco: 172 sq. ft.
  • Geneva – 441 sq. Ft

Similarly, other cities such as Paris, Shanghai, and Sydney offer property under 620 sq. Ft in the same budget.

Contrastingly, if you have a budget of $1M you will find a massive luxurious property in Dubai. In terms of area, the budget allows you to get a property of stunning 1,539 sq. ft which is more than any other place in the world.

Easy to Purchase

When we compare the UAE taxation policies with cities like London, Paris, Geneva, and Monaco. The foreign investor is liable to pay taxes on the purchase of luxury properties. Keeping the easy tax free policies aside, the investors have several other benefits. Such as high ROIs in the emirate’s residential market, steady population growth, and an ever increasing standard of living. All these reasons make the condition favorable for investors to invest in Real estate in Dubai.

If you are looking to purchase a luxurious place in Dubai you will be amazed to see how the overall process runs. To make the property purchase process feasible the UAE policies and tax free system play a critical role. In addition, foreign investors have an benefit when they don’t have to pay for the property taxes and charges. Besides the investor friendly policies, you will have access to upmarket communities. And luxurious properties which you cannot discover at any other place in the world.

Geographical Location

Another positive contributor that plays a vital role in making Dubai the ideal place to invest in is the geographical location. Dubai has become a center point for both east and west in terms of business. Dubai time zone is the perfect and most convenient time zone for businesses around the globe. In simple terms, not many cities have such time zones. This means both east and west can work at the same time.

Furthermore, if you are traveling from Dubai it will not take an entire day to reach the destination. Dubai cut the travel duration. For instance, two to eight-hour flights from Dubai you can reach anywhere in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, if you are flying to Australia or Washington DC the duration may increase.

Multitude of Luxury Property Options

There are multiple developed and underdeveloped projects in Dubai that are offering the experience of a luxury lifestyle. Where you can choose property types and the price you wish to pay. Moreover, apart from a splendid standard of living. You can enjoy the best shopping facilities, world-class leisure and entertainment facilities, and excellent hotels and restaurants.

Regardless of your needs and preferences, you will always find a home in Dubai that meets your requirements. One of the important reasons which we should never overlook is the wide range of properties. So whether you are looking for Luxury villas for sale in Dubai or a Townhouse to rent in Dubai. The properties offered by Dubai are unparalleled. The demand for luxury studio apartments, family flats, holiday villas, penthouses, and fully serviced apartments is surging day by day.

Higher Return On Investment

Foreign investors consider Dubai as an investment opportunity due to the higher return on investment. The luxurious Dubai places offer a greater return on investment than any other location in the world. Since Dubai has strengthened its economic policies and the infrastructure investors are preferring to invest in the Dubai market.

Top Places to Find Luxurious Property in Dubai?

  • Harbor Dubai Creek
  • Center Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Port of the Sea
  • Hills of Dubai

Prospering Real Estate Market

According to the H1 Dubai Property Market Report of 2019 investors and foreigners were more interested to invest in high-rise buildings and Luxury villas for sale in Dubai. Also, investors were picking up properties in Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Ranches. The UAE is among the top 5 countries around the world where millionaires and the elite class want to reside. The UAE has overall seven states but Dubai remains the preferable choice due to the country’s economic hub.

There is no surprise that Dubai real estate has emerged as a ever growing city worldwide. There are many aspects that make Dubai a thriving place to invest. Dubai’s economic policies have gained the attention of investors globally. According to a report published by Dubai Land Department (DLD) the real estate transaction went up by a whopping 33% in 2019. In recent years, we have noticed a sharp turn in demand for opulent Dubai properties for sale.

Special Packages for Foreign Buyers

When you buy residential or Commercial property for the first time you have to experience lots of challenges. Whereas, in case of buying property in Dubai for the first time you will be getting countless benefits and incentives. Either it can be in the form of tax free policies or buying property according to your needs. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for luxurious properties remains unchanged.

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